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Potential Groups

Millet based products are suitable for consumption for all age groups. Children, Women who are Pregnant and Lactating or any other vulnerable section of people. Millets are also gluten free therefore, can be offered to people who are opting for gluten free diets for example, those with celiac disease.

Therefore, as part of a meal or as a snack millet-based product can only enhance the nutritive value of a diet given to any section of population.

This also can become icon product of our country & state to supply for WHO, GAIN, UNICEF & OTHER COUNTRY as nutrition supplement .



Natural Resources

Water and Natural resources can used in Limited for Millets. Normal Pest-side is not used in millets. So, farmer and consumer health is improved. Electricity can be saved in millet growing.

Chef Farmer has been working on developing different value-added processed food products such as cookies, breakfast cereals, healthy beverages etc using millets, fruits and other agricultural commodities.

Chef Farmer would like to establish rural & Tribal processing facilities to produce these products in the rural areas to benefit the women and youth.

Chef Farmer would take the responsibility to market these products and proceeds will be shared among the partners. These activities will Improve livelihood and create income generation to the farmers and rural population.

Benefit to the Farmer

Value addition to the millets and other agricultural produce has been proven to be beneficial for farmers in increasing their income.

Each extra layer of value adds a percentage of increased financial value. This has the effect of improving the incomes of the farmers.

In general, it can be observed that there is more than 100% increase in commercial value after the value addition process compared to the raw produce. Value addition will allow farmers to focus on the consumer while producing.

Further value addition comes with increased bargaining power to the farmers. Also, through this model, farmers can create a brand which can be directly identified with farm groups and create brand loyalty toward the consumers